Getting the most out of Caramel doesn’t take more than building healthy habits and letting your phone do the remembering for you but building those habits can sometimes be harder. Below are quick tips to for a great way to get started. Caramel makes it easy so let us show you how.

A list for anything

Keep track of multiple lists

There is no limit on lists so take advantage of that by creating a list whenever you think it’s relevant. Special occasions like Christmas are a great example: When someone mentions that gift they’d really like in August, you’ll be ready to go with the best ideas when the holidays roll around.

Primary List

Your primary list is the first list and it will be shown in shortcuts around Caramel and iOS. If you use a widget or an Apple Watch, this is the list that will show up when you view them. Quickly check in to see what you need grab while you are at the store without even opening the app.

Notes and quantities

Edit Item Details like Notes and Quantities

Items in every list can have different quantities and sets of notes in order to keep you organized. Take advantage of this so you don’t forget what you’re actually looking for when you get to the store.

Recipes will automatically transfer notes and quantities for you so you’ll never forget why you need those ingredients, either.

More tips will be coming soon. Until then, be sure to check out our blog for updates.