Caramel 1.2 Updates in an App Store Near You

After a long development period – The 1.2 update of Caramel, which adds so many wanted features and little improvements, is finally here. Beyond those things, I rewrote large pieces of the internals to increase stability and make it a more pleasurable experience to use. A lot of that is thanks to my faithful users and those who take part in the testing program and rigorously keep at it even in the face of awkward bugs.

First, we’ll look through a bunch of the big goodies that were added and at the end of the post I’ll run through the pretty large set of bug fixes and small feature improvements. I hope you’re excited about this as I am!

iCloud Sync

Caramel Cloud Support Though it took awhile to get there, I can finally introduce one of the most anticipated features: iCloud Sync support for items, lists, and recipes. Now if you move from iOS device to iOS device, you won’t have to worry about losing what you’ve already accumulated. Lose your phone? When you set up your new phone, everything that was backed up can be restored without a second though. Or, got an iPad…?

Caramel on iPad

Use Caramel on iPad on version 1.2

Now you can use Caramel on iPad and with iCloud Sync, you’ll always have a device available to make your edits. We support the bells and whistles: Multitasking support, Siri on iPad, Handoff from other devices – and all without purchasing another copy of Caramel.

Coming in Caramel 1.3 is expanded iPad support to take advantage of the large display including Drag and Drop support and additional available options.

Improved iPhone Support

From iPhone Plus to iPhone X, I have polished off the app to feel and behave better. This includes visual and general functionality set to mirror the general iOS apps.

All Device Support

And with iCloud Sync (gosh, I love this), you can work off any of these devices without having to remember what was left on the other. Updates take just seconds to appear across your devices.

Better Recipe Support

Beyond several bugs that appeared when having large collections of recipes, there was a visual overhaul of Recipes to make it more appealing. That includes favorites section, so you don’t need to search for those meals you love, and better usage of large screen displays.

Recipes on iPhone X

Update UI
An updated UI brings consistency across the UI.
Batch Select Items Improvements
Batch Selection has improved Search, ability to add items, and several bug fixes.

New Icons for Categories

Additional Icons added to categories so hopefully there’s something available for whatever section you need to make. The new icons dive more into objects, but there’s a few new foods as well!

Additional Icons


Stickers are finally here! A Simple set is included but they will be rotated out and updated as you gain achievements, do special things, and by other public events.

Caramel iMessage Sticker

Improvements and Fixes

And of course, there are a lot of other improvements and fixes, many of which are noted below:

  • iPhone Plus landscape fix for overlay menus
  • Fixes issue that allowed you to swipe ads on lists
  • Fixes an issue that could cause categories to appear out of order in Lists and further editing could result in crash
  • Fixes an issue with threading on Recipes groups, Categories, and Items
  • Adds Selection total to batch select tool
  • Fixes crash for edge-case of list item not having a list (and trace to find out how)
  • Adds simple Stickers application (more coming on this soon!)
  • Adds 30ish additional icons
  • Expands icon scroller so it’s less annoying to use
  • Fixes an issue with handoff and expands it to recipes and item lists and individual views
  • Fixes issue when editing Recipe Steps that caused a crazy jump
  • Cleans up Recipe view a wee bit
  • Fixes Favorites toggle for Recipes
  • Adds Favorites Section to Recipe List
  • Fixes shortcut to edit recipe from recipe list (when editing)
  • Fixes threading issue with List Detail view
  • Fixes several issues with underlying Split View Controller so it works better across devices
  • Improves the Panel display on iPhone X by hiding items when it’s collapsed
  • Many many data handling improvements, including data fixture import
  • Adds several new items to the default items
  • Includes threading issue with internal Ledger (which is used for achievements and as a Machine Learning dataset)
  • Major updates to system logging
  • Updating Feedback to swipe, allowing export of logs without Mail
  • Replaced Internal Logging system with CocoaLumberjack

And many many small things that are even below mentioning above.

I hope you enjoy Caramel as much as I do and am working to make it even greater! Enjoy.

Find Caramel 1.2 in the App Store for iPhone and iPad

Coming in 1.2: iPad and iCloud Support

iPad and iCloud are here

It’s been awhile in the working, but two of the biggest features and biggest endeavors are here: iPad and iCloud support! You can use Caramel on any of your iOS devices and the updates will reflect on all of your others. And even better: now you don’t have to look at that weird 4″ screen when using an iPad. Full Support is here!

Use Caramel with iPad and iCloud on version 1.2

iPad support includes almost all of the hallmark features, from multicolumn views to multitasking so you can snap or drag around Caramel as needed to always have it at your fingertips. This really helps when you’re trying to save Recipes from the web, so give it a try!

iCloud Syncing has been added as well, so keeping track and a backup of your lists and recipes across devices has never been simpler. Just turn it on in settings and it will merge your existing items, recipes, and lists into your iCloud documents so you never have to think about it again.

Improved iPhone X and Plus Support

I love the iPhone X! In Caramel 1.2 there is further support for the UI to match existing elements around iOS and better support for Plus iPhones to take advantage of that extra screen space.

Internal and Other Updates

There are also massive improvements to the overall system in Caramel to make it more stable and more fun to use, plus adds the ability for iPad and iCloud as discussed above.

I’ve listened and taken all the feedback and logs submitted by faithful users seriously and have pretty much worked through every issue that has appeared in previous versions and, trust me, there were some strange ones! It’s my goal to make this experience as rock solid as possible. If you experience any problems, please always be sure to report them. I am actively keeping tabs, but additional information always makes hunting bugs faster.

Before I move on, I think it’s worth mentioning that I’ve expanded the icons for categories! There are new general items and food icon categories, hopefully providing something for most uses. Expect additional colors in future versions if they don’t make the 1.2 cut, too!

And thank you!

I also just want to say thanks to all of those who have been using Caramel and have purchased or even just tried it. So far, this journey has been amazing and I couldn’t have done it without your interest and help. I appreciate it all and can’t wait to make Caramel even better.

iPad and iCloud have been hallmark features of any app, so just joining that gives me even more courage even though it took a little time to get right. I hope you enjoy these updates as much as I do 🙂


These updates will be in the App Store by Dec 19th

Tip: Create Self Contained Lists

Always forgetting something when you travel? Don’t worry, Caramel’s got your back with self contained lists to help you remember.

Since Caramel offers the ability to create a list for anything, you can keep your lists to keep tabs on what you need for the next time around instead of clearing or deleting and forgetting again. Important events and travel are often times that you need those reference the most!

Self contained list about travel

You can quickly make a list to gather all of the items you need, either around the house or to purchase (it’s easy to tell the difference when you make notes!) and check them off as you gather it all.

But after you left, did you forget something? Well, add it to your travel list and it’ll be there next time!

Save the list and the next time you travel, all it takes is resetting your list to ensure that you’ll never forget that one thing again.

Reset your self contained lists

Tips: Add Items Quickly to Lists

Getting things off your mind quickly is exactly why Caramel exists, so of course there are several ways to add items quickly to your Lists without hassle.

While there is alway the Batch Add Tool at the bottom of lists, fully extending it gives you two additional options (in the top right corner) to help with bulk adding items to your Lists: Add Quickly and Select Items


  • Use the Add Items field to type and search existing items
  • Tap the Clipboard Icon to add items using plain-text via Add Quickly
  • Tap the Items button to Select Items from the list on your phone already

Add Quickly

Add Quickly allows you to type in new items without having the input structured by Caramel in any way. It’s plain-text and follows a simple formula in order to add items:

This method of inputting text also makes it super easy to copy and paste recipe ingredients from the web, so you can quickly add items for your next meal without having to type each and every detail out.


Select Items

Caramel already contains a giant list of popular items and others that you use on the regular – so the Select Items menu brings that into your lists without needing to search (though you always can!). Tap the Items icon at the top corner to show the list.

You can use that giant list of items to browse and see what you need for those times you are just occasionally looking for what sounds good.

And when selected, you can quickly add notes and quantities without hassle and in one step!

Coming soon:

Ask Siri to search your Lists and Recipes, add Items to your Lists, or even make new Lists all together with just your voice. Get excited for the upcoming 1.1 this fall with iPad and iCloud support.


You can find Caramel on the App Store today.

Welcome Caramel to the App Store!

We’re in the App Store!

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Caramel in the App Store

Send a solid welcome to Caramel: In the next few hours, Caramel will start appearing in the App Store around the world. Get it now at a low introductory price!

Caramel brings sanity to your kitchen and shopping by being there to help you quickly create lists and organize your recipes. Never forget that one thing at the store again when you’ve got it at the touch of your fingertips.

Looking for tips? We’re starting a running list of ways getting the most out of Caramel.

Version 1.0.1 in Review

Experiencing any issues? No worry, we have version 1.0.1 pending review in the App Store which brings with it a lot of improvements to make the experience even smoother. A minor update that contains around 30 fixes on the user-facing side (iOS 11 shouldn’t throw any issues anymore) and way more behind the scenes, we expect it to be approved and released sometime Tuesday at the rate we’re going!

Curious of everything coming in that update? See Below:

  • – Fixes some off colored elements
  • Fixes inconsistent search and index behavior and weird delay in Items section
  • Shows dialog when searching and no items appear (a little clearer on whats going on)
  • Fixes several memory issues (recursion and sync issues)
  • Adjust the Review Dialog to not show up until later (5th visit) and less often possible so users can experience the app before rating if wanted.
  • Makes the Notification system dialog (for badging the icon) less BAM IN YOUR FACE by popping up only when you change the option in settings!
  • Fixes the “+” animation in Lists and weird search dialog position in iOS 11
  • Fixes the action export menu on Lists so you can send them places
  • Fixes random crash from completing an item with the dialog open and moving to another
  • Expanded accessibility
  • Many updates not visually noticeable, but lower memory imprint and higher stability comes with that

It will be immediately released into the App Store on approval.

Work on the 1.0.2 with even more fixes and an introduction of small new features are coming as well. Stay tuned to the end of the month with the next big updates introducing iPad, Siri, and iCloud Sync support.



Version 1.0.1 is available now!

Coming to an App Store near you

After a long while in development, we are more than happy to announce Caramel, an iOS grocery list app to end them all coming to the App Store this fall.

Caramel - Coming to the App Store this fall

Caramel brings quick and easy Grocery list and recipe storage to your phone (and soon tablet) in an elegant, quick, and ready-to-go package. Curious as to how? Stay tuned in the coming weeks to see the great ways Caramel can help you keep your pantry organized and yourself sane at the store.

Set to appear for sale in the App Store in the start of October, we’ll be on an aggressive expansion to expand support to iCloud and iPad, as well as full iOS 11 support in the coming weeks.

Interested in helping us show us? Reach out to us.