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Send a solid welcome to Caramel: In the next few hours, Caramel will start appearing in the App Store around the world. Get it now at a low introductory price!

Caramel brings sanity to your kitchen and shopping by being there to help you quickly create lists and organize your recipes. Never forget that one thing at the store again when you’ve got it at the touch of your fingertips.

Looking for tips? We’re starting a running list of ways getting the most out of Caramel.

Version 1.0.1 in Review

Experiencing any issues? No worry, we have version 1.0.1 pending review in the App Store which brings with it a lot of improvements to make the experience even smoother. A minor update that contains around 30 fixes on the user-facing side (iOS 11 shouldn’t throw any issues anymore) and way more behind the scenes, we expect it to be approved and released sometime Tuesday at the rate we’re going!

Curious of everything coming in that update? See Below:

  • – Fixes some off colored elements
  • Fixes inconsistent search and index behavior and weird delay in Items section
  • Shows dialog when searching and no items appear (a little clearer on whats going on)
  • Fixes several memory issues (recursion and sync issues)
  • Adjust the Review Dialog to not show up until later (5th visit) and less often possible so users can experience the app before rating if wanted.
  • Makes the Notification system dialog (for badging the icon) less BAM IN YOUR FACE by popping up only when you change the option in settings!
  • Fixes the “+” animation in Lists and weird search dialog position in iOS 11
  • Fixes the action export menu on Lists so you can send them places
  • Fixes random crash from completing an item with the dialog open and moving to another
  • Expanded accessibility
  • Many updates not visually noticeable, but lower memory imprint and higher stability comes with that

It will be immediately released into the App Store on approval.

Work on the 1.0.2 with even more fixes and an introduction of small new features are coming as well. Stay tuned to the end of the month with the next big updates introducing iPad, Siri, and iCloud Sync support.



Version 1.0.1 is available now!