Tip: Create Self Contained Lists

Always forgetting something when you travel? Don’t worry, Caramel’s got your back with self contained lists┬áto help you remember.

Since Caramel offers the ability to create a list for anything, you can keep your lists to keep tabs on what you need for the next time around instead of clearing or deleting and forgetting again. Important events and travel are often times that you need those reference the most!

Self contained list about travel

You can quickly make a list to gather all of the items you need, either around the house or to purchase (it’s easy to tell the difference when you make notes!) and check them off as you gather it all.

But after you left, did you forget something? Well, add it to your travel list and it’ll be there next time!

Save the list and the next time you travel, all it takes is resetting your list to ensure that you’ll never forget that one thing again.

Reset your self contained lists