Tips: Add Items Quickly to Lists

Getting things off your mind quickly is exactly why Caramel exists, so of course there are several ways to add items quickly to your Lists without hassle.

While there is alway the Batch Add Tool at the bottom of lists, fully extending it gives you two additional options (in the top right corner) to help with bulk adding items to your Lists: Add Quickly and Select Items


  • Use the Add Items field to type and search existing items
  • Tap the Clipboard Icon to add items using plain-text via Add Quickly
  • Tap the Items button to Select Items from the list on your phone already

Add Quickly

Add Quickly allows you to type in new items without having the input structured by Caramel in any way. It’s plain-text and follows a simple formula in order to add items:

This method of inputting text also makes it super easy to copy and paste recipe ingredients from the web, so you can quickly add items for your next meal without having to type each and every detail out.


Select Items

Caramel already contains a giant list of popular items and others that you use on the regular – so the Select Items menu brings that into your lists without needing to search (though you always can!). Tap the Items icon at the top corner to show the list.

You can use that giant list of items to browse and see what you need for those times you are just occasionally looking for what sounds good.

And when selected, you can quickly add notes and quantities without hassle and in one step!

Coming soon:

Ask Siri to search your Lists and Recipes, add Items to your Lists, or even make new Lists all together with just your voice. Get excited for the upcoming 1.1 this fall with iPad and iCloud support.


You can find Caramel on the App Store today.