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A list for everything you need

Store an unlimited amount of lists for each of your trips and for those special occasions for off from now.

Keep track of multiple lists

Lists at a glance

A standard list in Caramel
Add and alter details about items
Add Items Quickly
Quickly Edit and Change Categories
Modify Lists and batch edit items
Keep track of Quantities
Caramel makes it easy to build and edit lists so you can focus on getting what you need off your mind and in its proper place.
Sort and organize your recipes
Store your Recipes
Add Ingredients to Lists on the Fk
Store your Recipes.

Keep your recipes together

Quickly create lists from recipes or add items to the next shopping trip.

You’ll never forget how to make that special meal you like again by keeping track of steps and leaving notes for yourself.

Easily add ingredients to your lists on the fly.

iCloud Sync let's your lists and items appear on all of your devices
Cloud Sync

Sync across your devices

With iCloud, you can sync all of your lists, items, and recipes across all of your devices so it doesn’t matter where you are at, the most recent changes will be updated and available.

Ready at your fingertips… or voice.

Siri can help you view lists or items, or create new lists all together
Siri available to control Caramel at your command.

Siri can help you view lists or items, or create new lists all together.

Coming to Caramel Soon: Ask Siri to add entire recipes to lists!

A Widget ready to Go

Widget Quickly

A widget is available to quickly check over the things you need now.

Shortcuts That Matter
3D Touch allows quick sorting and editing

Shortcuts that matter

Do what you want, quickly. Shortcuts using 3D Touch and just simple easy to find dialogs make keeping your shopping lists in check almost too easy.

Lists on your iPad

Now on the big screen: Caramel is available on iPad so you can quickly make lists wherever you are.

Caramel available on iPad in version 1.2

Fresh and Coming

A fresh set of updates and features are planned out to make Caramel even better, with updates and fixes and new features coming every week!

Recipe Improvements

Start timers, check off steps while you work, and better organization to make storing and using recipes even better.

AI Smarts

Small introduction of Machine Learning to help recommend items on lists and smartly remind you about items on lists.